I’m truly stoked to be here with you and help you feel a little less alone in the shit-storm that can be anxiety, depression and/or parentlife.

If you haven’t yet listened to episode 1, I would highly recommend going back and listening as today is a bit of a carry on from that episode.

I briefly spoke about happiness and getting honest with yourself in what lights you up and what matters and what fulfills you.

So today I want to share with you how you can find happiness and share my personal journey through this, for context.

I’m hoping you’ll take at least three things away from this episode;

  1. A fresh perspective on looking at Happiness and your surroundings
  2. An Actionable and Practical exercise to do today and to do forever if you ever get stuck in a rut
  3. You’ll learn who is in control of your happiness (why we blame/deflect – pity party/jealousy) and some steps to take to move forward

So are you ready to deep dive into finding your true happiness? Are you ready? It’s also ok if you’re not.

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