Do you dream of being able to do the everyday things without worrying, second guessing, and fearing EVERYTHING?

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About me


Lou Fitz

Energetic, passionate, determined and a little ‘bat shit crazy’ I guess would be the best way to describe me. I live in Perth , Western Australia, with my son, husband and 2 cats (who I don’t really like – the cats that is). I am in my early thirties, have had a shitload of jobs, recently completed my MBA, but I haven’t really known what I truely wanted to do or be ‘when I grow up’.

For the last 20+ years I have been living with anxiety and hiding it pretty well in the closet. Until recently that is. Unknowingly, I have been a people pleaser, a professional to-do list writer (meaning I procrastinate like a BOSS!!), and although I may come across quite confident, on the inside – well, its a different story. I have felt so lost, alone, frustrated, confused, and constantly second guessing and comparing myself.

I have spent countless hours, dollars and energy understanding my anxiety triggers, and trying every management “strategy” under the sun, only to be disappointed at the short term fix, when the anxiety just keeps coming back no matter what I do.

my anxiety journey
“I got really fucking good at covering it up and hiding it behind all my masks”

Blog posts

first time mum drinking wine

Mental reality of a first time mum: My honest narration through anxiety

If your about to embark on the first-time mum journey, or, you are a first-time mum, or you have been in the mum game for a while now, this post will either scare you, resonate with you, or entertain you. Within this post I share some of the real and raw stuff that went on in my head. The shit that people don’t usually tell you when you’re about to become a first-time mum.

An honest journey through Depression & my 6 tips to cope

Depression forced me to learn more about myself. It forced me to OWN my shit. Own who I am. But more importantly, it enabled me to make a choice on what I wanted to change and what I didn’t want to change.

anxiety and motherhood

Parenting stigmas and my new mum mind: A Comparison

I share with you an entertaining, and maybe relatable, comparison between what I think the mum/dad stigma is, and my personal reality. Well, the shit that goes on in my head. Now this isn’t about being right or wrong, and I’m not being a negative Nelly. It is just the real, raw, honest truth that is swirling around in my VERY active, sleep deprived, exhausted, milking station mind.

Anxiety, Loneliness, no sense of belonging- who am I?

Do you ever feel like you are constantly searching for more? But you don’t know why? Why you cant just be content? That you can’t find a balance? What the f*ck is balance anyway? I have just been really lost and I just can’t seem to find anything that satisfy’s me… What is wrong with me??? I am bloody determined to find out this bloody block!!! Watch out… this crazy, overthinking, chick (that’s me) is going to crush this god damn anxiety and kick down the block with force!!!!

A first-time mum learning how to deal with Resentment.

I was resenting the things that he was able to do around me, that I wasnt able to do. And its not his fault. Its no-ones fault. Its just apart of the process. I don’t think I would call it jealousy. Or maybe it was.

Inspiring fellow anxiety sufferers to break down the barriers and kick some serious anxiety arse to find freedom and authenticity