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I help you deal with the shit in your head that no one else gets!


That lost feeling


Feeling  unfulfilled and unsatisfied

Not having a “purpose

Over-analysing fucking everything

Worrying about the small shit

Not knowing who you are anymore


I help you find yourself again.

I help you find happiness.

I help you take back control and be the most authentic version of yourself!


“I felt like my whole identity was ripped away after becoming a mum…”

Hi, I’m Lou…

Energetic, passionate, determined and a little ‘bat shit crazy’ I guess would be the best way to describe me. I live in Perth , Western Australia, with my son, husband and 2 cats (who I don’t really like – the cats that is). I am in my early thirties, have had a shitload of jobs, recently completed my MBA, but I haven’t really known what I truely wanted to do or be ‘when I grow up’.

For the last 20+ years I have been living with anxiety and hiding it pretty well in the closet. Until recently that is. Unknowingly, I have been a people pleaser, a professional to-do list writer (meaning I procrastinate like a BOSS!!), and although I may come across quite confident, on the inside – well, its a different story. I have felt so lost, alone, frustrated, confused, and constantly second guessing and comparing myself.

I have spent countless hours, dollars and energy understanding my anxiety triggers, and trying every management “strategy” under the sun, only to be disappointed at the short term fix, when the anxiety just keeps coming back no matter what I do.

my anxiety journey
my anxiety journey