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Feeling lost in life?

Work with an anxiety and confidence coach!

Learn how to boost your inner confidence and overcome your anxiety

As a confidence coach I help you deal with the shit in your head that no one else gets!

You want to TRUST your own judgement,

have the confidence to make decisions,

and be happy with those decisions without second guessing yourself all the time, right?

You want to STOP feeling stuck in life!

You want to STOP feeling lost!

You want to STOP feeling overwhelmed in life!

Your Anxiety &

Inner Confidence Coach 

with a difference…

“…you guide us so well with warmth, humour and details of your own personal lived experience which many of us can connect so easily with..”


What is a confidence coach?

I mentor you through 

a Lived-Experience Approach!

An Approach that is Relatable, Raw, Warm, Open, a NON-textbook, NON-one-size-fits-all approach

that I can GUARANTEE 

will make you feel heard, not alone, & will make you laugh again!  

I spent over 20 years battling anxiety, 4 years of depression, and now I’m out the other side ready & passionate AF to help you

An Inner Confidence Coach that completely gets it!

An approach that ISN’T going to tell you to breathe, meditate, change your diet, that isnt going to medicate you!

Lou I can’t thank you enough. Your stories and exercises are so real and relatable.”



Download the foundations framework to my signature Confidence to Be™ 4 step process that I used to beat a 20 year battle with anxiety & gain MORE confidence, freedom & time!


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What others have said…

F*#@$;g amazing, ive been to doctors, I’ve had medication, I’ve had therapy. I have always said it would help to be able to understand anxiety in general as well as what is going on in my own head. Lou helped me do that and has helped me understand not only myself but others too. This method should be implemented before in or alongside medications and spending hundreds/thousands on “help”.

I thank Lou from the bottom of my heart and am forever grateful. Will always highly recommend Lou and this method. “

Jess. H

May 2021

“Supporting you to find clarity, control and confidence to live a fun, easy, authentic life without the second guessing”

Hi, I’m Lou…

Energetic, passionate, determined, gin lover, beach goer and also a little ‘bat shit crazy’ I guess would be the best way to describe me.

I live in Perth , Western Australia, with my 2 son’s (2.5 & 4.5yrs), husband of 20 years, and cat (I’m neither a cat or dog person – just in the middle). I’m in my early thirties, I’ve had a shitload of jobs in my time, completed my Masters In Business, and am a recovering… perfectionist, stationary lover, procrastinator, stay-up all nighter, over-analyser, over-thinker, people pleaser…


For the last 20+ years I’ve lived with anxiety and I got really bloody good at hiding it. I became a professional in wearing masks, pretending I had my shit together, looking like I was happy and “coping”, but the trust was…I felt so lost, alone, frustrated, confused, and constantly second guessing and comparing myself. I was living in a world that wasn’t mine.

I was just “fitting in” with the Joneses. I was just churning.

I spent countless hours, dollars and energy understanding my anxiety triggers, and trying every management “strategy” under the sun, only to be disappointed at the short term fix, when the anxiety just kept coming back no matter what I did. Until April 2018…

my anxiety journey

feeling anxious for no reason?

Let’s have a chat about it. With someone who gets it!

my anxiety journey