The Getting Vulnerable Podcast

An Australian mental health podcast

Anxiety sucks balls, 

feeling alone, 

feeling lost, 

feeling like you’re the only one with the crazy shit going on in your head!

Hi, I’m Lou, I’m your host, and WELCOME  to the Getting Vulnerable Podcast.

I’m a mum, ex-anxiety sufferer, coach, motivator and speaker from Perth Western Australia.   But most importantly – someone who bloody gets it.

Join me as I deep dive into the ‘crazy’, as we share the mind-shitstorms and lessons learnt through anxiety, depression and mumlife.

I got vulnerable, and it saved my life.

And my hope is to inspire you to get vulnerable and save your own life!

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Getting Vulnerable Podcast – listen now!


Postnatal depression – a lived-experience

It’s hard to truly know the signs and symptoms of postnatal depression when you’re IN the thick of it. You don’t know what’s “normal” or what’s not. I get vulnerable and share my journey. I feel, in order to heal post natal depression and anxiety, we need to share more REAL LIFE stories. We need to share our truths!

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