Anxiety and Mental Health Support

Hi, I’m Lou 👋🏼

An ex anxiety-sufferer turned Confidence Transformer & Anxiety Mentor! 

And if I’m going to be really honest and lay all my dirty laundry out for you,

you need to know that I’m a recovering…

People pleaser, procrastinator, perfectionist, over-analyser, over-thinker, controller, worrier of all the small things, project slut!

(you’re not alone😉).

3 words to describe me?

Energetic, passionate, determined.

And a little bat shit crazy I guess would be the best way to describe me.

I live in Perth , Western Australia, with my 2 boys, husband and cats.
I’m in my mid thirties, I’ve had a shitload of jobs in my life so far (aka: A job slut), and have completed my Masters in Business (because I thought I needed to prove I could do shit and needed a really expensive, stressful peice of paper that has contributed about .088% to my growth – fun story).

For 20+ years I was living with relentless anxiety & for 4 of those years struggled with depression.

And I hid it pretty well behind all my masks/layers.

Until 2018, that is.

Unknowingly, I took myself down a path of DEEP Work that has completely changed my life!

I had been a people pleaser, a perfectionist, a professional to-do list writer (meaning I procrastinate like a BOSS!!), and although I came across as confident on the outside,

the inside feeling was a different story.

For so long, I felt so lost, alone, frustrated, confused, and constantly second guessed and compared myself.

I spent countless hours, dollars (over $17,000), and energy getting to the bottom of my mental health, trying to understand my anxiety triggers, and trying every management “strategy” under the sun, only to be disappointed at the short term fixes that were just not sticking.

The anxiety would just keep coming back!

I would second, third and fourth guess myself with every decision.

I would worry about the smallest things, like NON-STOP fucking worrying.

I would distract myself with bulk activities, and write 100’s of to-do lists, but ultimately end up being so bloody unproductive.

I would procrastinate at every chance I could.

It started to niggle away at my relationships.

I felt like it was a complete chore to be a mum and a wife, and I found it so hard to “pretend” I was enjoying it.

I couldn’t sleep (not that there was much of that going on anyway).

I couldn’t eat properly.

I would become resentful, angry, irritated, frustrated, emotional, sad – my mood swings were next level!

The everyday little things became so ridiculously overwhelming

I got to breaking point!

I knew that after trying every fricken coping/managing strategy under then sun,
the only way I could REALLY get to the bottom of this bastard thing called ‘Anxiety’,
was to dig deep,
get real, get raw, and get completely honest with myself.

And the hardest thing to swallow was, the only person that could dig the deepest,

and find the “real me”

would have to be me

now that shit is scary!

Anxiety and Mental Health Support

All I have ever wanted was to be confident from the INSIDE out.

I just wanted to be IN-control of my thoughts, of my decisions.

I wanted to just enjoy the journey and stop worrying about all the bloody ‘WHAT-IF’ scenarios.

I wanted to have fun, to be a great role model for my kids.

To get on with my life, and live it to the fullest.

To be comfortable with my true self.

I wanted to not give a flying fuck about what other people thought, and just OWN my shit, the good, the bad, the crazy,

and let people love me for who I was.

Anxiety and Mental Health Support

Well, pop the bloody champagne fellow anxiety friends…


I ended up taking myself on a self-discovery,

hard-truth finding type journey.

I couldn’t believe it, but I found the bloody root cause to my anxiety.

I found the core of where all the pain I had been suffering, for over 20 years, had stemmed from.

I can’t even explain how much this has changed my life…

Anxiety and Mental Health Support

So here I am.

On the most exciting mission ever, to inspire other anxiety sufferers to break down their barriers,

rip off the bandaids,

and get accountable with finding their true selves.

I’m your anxiety support person, your cheerleader who totally gets it.

Sharing my journey and building a non-judgemental, RELATABLE, encouraging community,

where we can be real, raw and open about our anxiety.

Use our anxiety to Grow.

Use it as an enabler not a disabler.

Your Anxiety and Mental Health Mentor + Confidence Transformer!

Any questions? Contact me below