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4 Week Anxiety Mindset Reset

Where you’ll learn the Base Foundations to get you moving out of your current Anxious Mindset, and into the nest step of unlocking your Confidence, so you can live with MORE confidence, clarity & control to Self-Accept, BE Present & live Authentically WITHOUT giving shits about the small stuff!

“It’s the best money I’ve ever spent on myself, my personal development, and my mental health. I would spend it again in a second, as I think it’s amazing value for money.”

Claire.D, July2022

“Lou’s support is boundless!! She goes above and beyond and is there for every step of the way because she genuinely cares and wants you to come out the other side.
She understands where you’re at or where coming from as she’s been where you are and gets it and because of this you get the true support you need to get through the program.”

Jas.B, July2022

“Genuine. Authentic. Aligned.
I don’t know how she does it, but she met me where I was and spoke my language. Lou was able to see through the barriers I put up, challenge me when I needed challenging, cry with me when I was crying and celebrate when the celebrations came! She’s just the perfect companion on a wildly emotional and exhilarating ride.”

Kel.P, July2022

“I was seeking support from a psychologist and didn’t get very far in the twelve months that I was accessing this service. The cost adds up and for me, there were only small advantages…nothing like what I gained from undertaking the C2B Mastermind program! I have come a lot further in just 4 months of working with Lou, who comes from a lived experience perspective, someone who shares her journey vulnerably so you don’t feel alone and she is someone who actually gets it and “hears” you.”

Masterminder, July2022