Is your self doubt keeping you “safe”?

Mar 11, 2022 | Confidence

*Based on my Lived Experience Learnings*

Self Doubt – The Silent killer of Authenticity & Adventure

“Did I send the right text message”
“Oh my gosh! What’s wrong with me?”
“Why can’t I do this?”
“I always stuff up”
“I’m just a bloody shit show”

Does that ring a bell?

Feel like you’re not good enough, I’ll fail, should of, could of blah blah blah

Hi I’m self doubt, with you every bloody day! Oh and meet my best mate comparisonitis and of course! Mr lack of confidence who also hangs out with us.

So, when you’re experiencing anxiety, this shit is fucking everywhere! All that overanalyzing, It’s hectic right?
Bloody exhausting is what it is.

It’s the thoughts that say “you can’t do it”, “you’re not good enough”, it’s just so loud at times, and you want your brain to just SHUT UP. The thoughts are so loud that you’re taken completely out of the present moment, and before you know it, your heads doing 360’s into every-mans territory. You know that feeling I’m talking about? The messy “negative” mind shit!

“Shut that self-doubt bitch OFF!!!!! already!”

Self doubt is the inner critic. We all have one. For some of us, it gets louder when we step outside of our comfort zone and for some of us, it’s so loud that we don’t even get outside of our comfort zone. Maybe you’re experiencing both!

Before we can make a change though, we need to understand
The deep shit around our own self doubt.

Firstly, something for you to take note of, is that these self doubting thoughts, are NOT who we are, in fact they’ve got NOTHING to do with us

These thoughts of self doubt are actually what keeps us “safe” from being vulnerable, to discovering that newer version of ourselves, you know, trying new shit, living up to our potential and showing the world who we are.

Under the veil of self doubt is where the fear lives, which is really what’s holding us back. For example.. So if I do this, people will laugh at me. But what would it mean if people were to laugh at me? That means I would be embarrassed. What’s the big deal about being embarrassed? It feels shameful. So, can you see here that it’s not the fear of the outcome of people laughing, it’s the fear of embarrassment.

 You need to get to the root of the shit.

So! I invite you to start reflecting on your WHYS.

Identify the self doubting thought
Ask yourself what that thought means to you if it were true

These thoughts are there because we don’t know who we are and to find out who we are we must bypass the self doubt and step into the uncomfortableness of vulnerability. I encourage you to listen to my podcast episode on vulnerability, it’s honestly the key to freedom, in my experience! You can listen here.

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