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What I wish I knew before my battle with anxiety took a hold for over 20 years of my life!

In this EPIC Masterclass I share with you the 10 things that helped me to conquer my anxiety 

I’m here to inspire & encourage ‘PREVENTATIVE CHANGE’ when it comes to Anxiety, Mental Health & re-building lost-connections

Walk away from this Masterclass with 10 NEW & PROVEN strategies to support you in your own Anxiety Conquering journey! 

These 10 NEW things I’ll be sharing will NOT include traditional forms of therapy that you’ve tried before, like;

CBT Therapy



Changing your diet




Walk Away Feeling….

Less alone
Walk away with 10 FRESH and PROVEN strategies/perspectives that will change the way you approach your anxiety healing journey to achieve LONG-LASTING change!


Hi I’m Lou,

and I have come out the other side of living with anxiety for 20 years, depression for 4 and living in my mind that told me I was just not good enough, worthy enough, I was just not enough. I want you to know, that I completely get it, and I’m here to help you out the other side too!

In 2018, on April 12, at 11.02am, my life changed like you wouldn’t beleive.

I came out of my exhausted, people pleasing, over-analysing, anxiety driven, daily mind-shit-storm and it has changed my life. I never thought it was possible. I never thought that I could actually ‘fix’ myself. Not in a million years did I think that I could get out. But I did the work. I did the deep work. And so can you!

It IS completely possible. I’m living proof. After a decade of therapy where I didn’t feel fully connected, after lifestyle and diet changes which didn’t feel authentic to me, after on and off medication where it made me feel like a boring zombie, after trying ‘all the things’ and not FULLY succeeding, I now know that in order to FULLY heal, to FULLY find yourself, to FULLY feel unstuck, to FULLY feel confident in yourself, your decisions and not worry about what others think. YOU have to do the work. And I’m on a mission to continue to share, inspire, encourage and guide you through ‘The WORK”, so you can finally gain that inner-confidence, freedom and fun-living vibes you’ve been looking for, the ones you’ve been craving.