Self-paced | 3 Part Training |

Created by an Ex-Anxiety Sufferer who gets it!


“The program is so useful and also so simple to do – anyone can do it. I loved the practical advice and hearing from someone who had experienced anxiety themself, this makes you so much more relatable and your strategies much more “believable” as a way of coping with anxiety. Thank you :)” – Kel.P Australia

WHO is this training for?

  • If you’re looking to improve your self confidence and don’t know where to start
  • If you constantly second guess yourself – and you’re bloody over it
  • If overthinking and anxiety is driving you mad
  • If you’re feeling unmotivated and need some inspiration and practical exercises to get you started!
  • You just want to get on with your life and enjoy ‘everyday things’ but know something is stopping you
  • If you’re sick of over-analysing and worrying about all the small shit but don’t know how to stop
  • If you’ve already done some personal development work and willing to dig a little deeper


**I’m NOT a qualified psychologist or medical professional. If you need professional medical advice please speak to your GP. All my training, mentoring, programs and content are completely based from my LIVED EXPERIENCE fighting and beating a 20year battle with mental illness. I have had 20 years experience in LIVING AND BREATHING with anxiety. And I’m here sharing my lessons. I truly hope it supports you, but you must know it is not here to replace medical advice**

You’re feeling overwhelmed in life but you’re just not sure where to start!

You want to know how to build confidence and self esteem so you can STOP feeling anxious and stressed but you don’t know HOW to start!


Did you know that you have ALL the answers inside you?

In this self-paced 3 part mini series, I share with you the starting steps that I took to get more confidence, lift my self-esteem and find myself through my anxiety!

Learn from a lived-experience approach, so you can start gaining the TIME & FREEDOM  you’ve been craving!


Your Emotions are the key!

In order to get out of our head, we need to firstly understand what’s going on inside, otherwise the mind-shitstorm of crappy feelings will continue to loop – and that’s not fun for anyone. An exercise I take you through is completely eye-opening, and can be a little emotional (just a heads up)!


Find your Happy!

When was the last time that you took time to TRULY UNDERSTAND what makes you happy?

I share with you a practical and really fun exercise that will open your eye’s and help you gain more confidence in what you want in your life. This excerise is something that you can use over and over again!


Awareness & Ownership

In order to gain confidence in ourselves, we need to educate ourselves….


Once we do this, we can then start gaining clarity and confidence on what we do, and don’t want – with less fucks to give!


What People have said about

my Lived-Experience approach…

I enjoyed the way it all linked together and sharing your story so honestly helped me get beyond the “basic” answers and get that bit deeper.

Thanks Lou for the 3 day training on finding ourselves through anxiety. It is an eye opening experience to go through and you guide us so well with warmth, humour and details of your own personal lived experience which many of us can connect so easily with. I loved finding a sense of my self through this training and have taken the learnings with me into my every day life, which has bought me more joy and a reminder to ease up on myself. Love your work 😘

May 2021

A friendly, supportive and raw look into dealing with our anxious selves.

Lou shared her story intimately to help us dive deeper into our own selves. Sometimes it really is that isolating feeling of knowing all the tools but being able to hear someone’s similar experience empowers you to not give up on the tool and above all else back yourself. Thankyou Lou.

May 2021

There were some real eye opener moments for me but it felt good to acknowledge them…

It was fantastic to be able to hear from someone who has lived through the same anxiety, not just someone who has studied it (no offence to mental health professionals, but it made all the difference to me, to hear it from someone who has lived it).

May 2021

I found Lou’s training to be very real, honest, and personal.

I loved the rawness, vulnerability and relatability Lou was able to show. She is so down to earth and willing to share both the good and bad. Her compassion shines through which I’ve never experienced in counselling. I have heard similar words before but not connected with them the way i have when Lou exprsses them through such truthfulness. 💗

I lived with anxiety for over 20 years and I’m out the other side, here, sharing the starting blocks with you!

You won’t regret it, I promise you that!