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Do you want to start enjoying your life?

Do you want to STOP feeling so fucking stuck & lost?

Do you want to be confident and free from all the shit in your head?

Do you want to talk with someone that TRULY gets it, with absolutely NO judgement?

Online mentoring programs which run over a 6 & 8 week period. If you would like more information on the Mentoring Programs, click here.

WEEKLY LIVE anxiety support within a SAFE community, straight from your phone, from the comfort of your own home, for less than $1.55 per day! More info here

No better way to inspire, engage and motivate an audience than through sharing lived experience of fighting and beating a 20+ year battle with anxiety along with lifes shitstorms. Email me to discuss further.

The Anxiety Project not only gave me a roadmap for uncovering more about myself than I ever thought I’d know, but it gave me a better understanding of why I am the way I am, and also of the people around me.”


Small Biz Owner, Perth WA

I loved the approach, very relatable, easy to understand and very open and vulnerable…”


First time mum, Perth WA

“Lou, there are no words. Thank you so much for bringing to light the internal burden anxiety sufferers bear….”


Mum of 2, Perth WA

“The difference between Lou and all the other “anxiety experts “out there is that she has lived and breathed this experience and has come out on the other side….”

S. Tricoli

Biz Owner, Perth WA

“I loved how raw and real she was and how open she was about her experiences and how passionate she is about helping others….”


Mum of 2, Perth WA

It’s a very raw and real way to get to the bottom of your anxiety….”

“OMG Lou – you are just the best. Thank you. So very much. You are amazing… I could not do this without you! xx”

C. Milford

Biz Owner, Perth WA