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Get the 5 Proven Steps I took to beat my 20+ year battle with Anxiety

Hey fellow worrier, are you sick of the little voice inside your head controlling how you feel, what you say, and what you can and can’t do? Does the constant second guessing, fear of failure, and fear of judgement really give you the shits? This practical 5 step Blueprint will equip and inspire you to finally stop the worry, and start living your life with freedom and confidence!

this blueprint is for you if…

You are fed up with putting on the short-term fix  bandaids and know there is something deeper stopping you from moving forward
You have already spent time, money & energy on your personal development but it hasn’t delivered the results you were after
You are truly determined and committed to finding your anxiety’s root cause, your confidence, your authentic self, and your happiness
You have or are ready to apply openness and courage to dig deep through your journey

Meet your anxiety arse-kicking motivator!

Hi I’m Lou,

I’m the founder of The Anxiety Project, and I have 20 + years experience as a professional anxiety sufferer.

I help and inspire like-minded anxiety sufferers to kick some serious anxiety butt!

I have made it my purpose in life to share all the learnings from my anxiety arse-kicking journey, so that  more people who struggle with anxiety can also live their lives with confidence, with authenticity, with freedom & happiness, ALWAYS.

I’m a wife to my high-school sweetheart, I’m a mum of 2 boys, and I love a shitload of JOY things.  If you want more details you can stalk me on Instagram, Facebook or my About Me website page here»

I’m super pumped to get to know you and most importantly, inspire you to beat this bastard of a thing called anxiety…because it is possible!