How to help someone who is depressed. Tips from a lived experience9 min read

Nov 20, 2019

When I was depressed the last thing, and I mean the last fucking thing I wanted to do was to reach out and talk about it or ask for help. Do you want to know why? Do you want to know what was going on in my head? ⁣

😢 I didn’t know how to explain how shit I was feeling so there was no point because I would look even more like a dickhead if I tried⁣


😢I was scared that people would think I was just an attention seeker⁣


😢 I wasn’t making any contribution to anyone’s life anyway so who would care ⁣

😢 I didn’t add any value to anything so there’s no point even making any conversations ⁣

😢 I was fucking useless ⁣

😢 I had nothing to talk about and was just boring ⁣

😢 I was so unmotivated and had about zero energy left from making excuses for all the times I just “couldn’t make it”, so how did I have any energy to reach out😥

And amongst all that…⁣

😢I honestly thought I had no right feeling the things I felt because I had a “good life” and people had it worse off. So I would be a total c*nt if I complained. ⁣


So yeah, I just thought it’s important for me to share this for those people who are struggling to connect with a loved one who is in the deep hole of depression.

What I needed, and what worked for me, was someone to REACH IN.


Ask no questions⁣

Expect no energy⁣

But to just reach in and force me (nicely) to help me be apart of LIFE again. ⁣

Show me that my opinion did matter. 

Show me that I was needed, and able to do everyday things 🙌🏼