How to deal with Anxiety. Sharing my real, raw and honest journey fighting anxiety as a Mum, Wife, Friend and Business Lover.

PROBLEM: Anxiety, Loneliness, no sense of belonging- Who am I? SOLUTION: I am still searching…PART 1

Do you ever feel like you are constantly searching for more? But you don’t know why? Why you cant just be content? That you can’t find a balance? What the f*ck is balance anyway? I have just been really lost and I just can’t seem to find anything that satisfy’s me… What is wrong with me??? I am bloody determined to find out this bloody block!!! Watch out… this crazy, overthinking, chick (that’s me) is going to crush this god damn anxiety and kick down the block with force!!!!

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Parenting stigmas and my new mum mind: A Comparison

I share with you an entertaining, and maybe relatable, comparison between what I think the mum/dad stigma is, and my personal reality. Well, the shit that goes on in my head. Now this isn’t about being right or wrong, and I’m not being a negative Nelly. It is just the real, raw, honest truth that is swirling around in my VERY active, sleep deprived, exhausted, milking station mind.

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Inspiring fellow anxiety sufferers to break down the barriers and kick some serious anxiety arse to find freedom and authenticity