The Program that will CHANGE YOUR LIFE!

Find yourself, understand yourself, be the BEST version of yourself and finally LIVE YOUR FUCKING LIFE the way you want to WITHOUT all the bullshit

Get your life back

Find your authentic self

Move forward confidently

Stop pouring money, time & energy into the short-term fixes

see what others have said about the program

“The difference between Lou and all the other “anxiety experts “out there is that she has lived and breathed this experience and has come out on the other side….”

S. Tricoli

Biz Owner, Perth WA

“Lou, there are no words. Thank you so much for bringing to light the internal burden anxiety sufferers bear….”


Mum of 2, Perth WA

“I loved how raw and real she was and how open she was about her experiences and how passionate she is about helping others….”


Mum of 2, Perth WA

I feel like the overwhelm and overthinking ‘cloud’ that I’ve been carrying around has somehow lifted, and I am starting to see things for what they are again. I’ll never truly have the words to tell you what this program has done for me, Lou.”

C. Watts

Biz Owner, Perth WA

Are you over not being able to live a life that you COMPLETELY LOVE & ARE PROUD OF?

Are you sick of the constant second guessing, worrying, anxiety, overwhelm, self-doubt, over-analysing, over-thinking, procrastinating, fear of failing, bag of crap that you carry around every day?

If you’re at a point where you’re so exhausted from trying all the “management strategies”, hiding behind the masks, and just plain OVER IT, well you’ve come to the right place.

Finally a program that WILL help you get out the other side so you can start LIVING with freedom and happiness, authentically!    

6 Weeks of Mentoring 

6  LIVE Online Training Sessions

6 VALUE packed workbooks

1 Supportive like-minded Community

Q&A Sessions

42+ days of SUPPORT to Reflect, Process, Learn & Grow

Each step is delivered through relatable, raw, honest context, based on a 20+ year lived experience with anxiety. NOTHING to do with mindfulness, therapy, medication, exercise, diet, psychology, breathing!

A supportive, fun and motivating PRIVATE facebook community of fellow like-minded people who are ready to kick some serious arse alongside you

It’s time to live your best life

Invest in something worthwhile

Something that WILL give you the confidence to start living your AUTHENTIC LIFE without worrying about all the small shit!

need more info before you commit?

here’s a sneak peak into the program


the more understanding you have about something, the more confident you become. This doesn’t stop at YOU!

You will build confidence in who you REALLY are, and gain clarity on what you have been hiding behind

Learn what your 2 main emotional needs are and gain confidence in what you need in order to fulfil these

Learn the 3 steps to clearly identify and define what your IDEAL life and state of happiness is – without second guessing yourself!


Increased Clarity – Self-awareness – Self-confidence – New understanding & direction – Ownership


it’s pretty bloody amazing how much you can learn about yourself when you shut down external influence and comparison

You will gain a fresh viewpoint on why you are the way you are through 2 key steps

You will be able to let go of some of the baggage you have been hanging onto for so long

Learn how to remove the comparing, fear of judgement tendencies from your life, by applying 3 easy steps


Increased awareness – fresh clarity – New perspective – Acceptance – Ownership

MODULE 3: Added Perspective

when we understand the context of an experience, we can see our bigger picture

You will gain a new perspective that you can apply to your connections, and potentially restore relationships that were once broken (if you choose)

You will feel lighter and more confident

You will be more equipped to get over, and let go, of the past and the things that have been holding you down for so long


Increased Empathy – New connection – New perspective – Feeling lighter – Increased confidence

MODULE 4: Connection, Purpose & Letting Go

this is where all the good stuff starts happening, when shit starts getting FUN!

I’m pretty certain you are going to have a big Ah Ha moment here, when it all comes together

You will have a new found confidence to OWN who you are

You will uncover the birthplace, and WHY of your life to date – this understanding will be life changing!


Excitement – Confidence – Relief – Freedom – Ownership

MODULE 5: Ownership, Choice & Change

its now time to do YOU like you have never done YOU before!

You will have an ACTIONABLE summary of everything YOU have identified, so that you can OWN you, your anxiety, and finally move forward

You will have a new relationship with yourself. You will have clarity and acceptance, which will empower you for all your future decisions

You will now have the ability to recognise “your old ways” early enough to move through it constructively and with confidence because you fully understand, and now respect, why it was there in the first place


Control – Confidence – Readiness – Excitement – A NEW You


START DATE: April 2020

DURATION: 6 Week Group Mentoring Program  

INVESTMENT: $987AUD(exGST)  ***1 time only LAUNCH PRICE*** (usually $1587AUD ex gst)

LIVE VIDEOS: Between 45min – 60min  

WORKBOOKS: x6 Workbooks (varying lengths) 

RECOMMENDATIONS: Schedule uninterrupted time and complete these modules by yourself.

Don’t rush it – its not a competition. 

Have some extra notepads or A3 paper for writing shit down/brain dumping/mappingout. 

Maybe some sneaky coloured highlighters for those that learn visually. 

IMPORTANT NOTE #1: Communicate to your partner/housemate/family/who ever you live with, that you are doing this program and would appreciate their support in giving you the necessary time and space to complete it. Let them know why your doing it, and how it will benefit the whole household. By doing this, you eliminate the opportunity for guilt, resentment & frustration to creep in. 

IMPORTANT NOTE #2: You are here because you want to be, and something has obviously connected with you otherwise you wouldn’t still be reading this. 

You’re sick of not being authentically in control of your life and you’re completely exhausted from putting on your short-term fix masks.

This program is created for like-minded people that are determined, willing, committed, and ready to start living their best fucking life AUTHENTICALLY 

It WILL require time. It WILL require effort. It WILL require commitment. It will get uncomfortable. You will experience a shitload of different emotions. It will be draining. 

You will have to think hard and challenge yourself. If, you are just doing this as a TICK and FLICK – well, I probably wouldn’t sign up. 

One of the most rewarding things about this Program is that you are completely IN-CONTROL the whole time. 

This is not a one size fits all. You tailor it to suit You.


see what others have said about the program

“I feel like a totally different person, a new me, I feel less tension, my mind is clearer, and I feel refreshed….”

Kim. B

Student, Perth, WA

“I just feel so much happier; authentically happy. Confident with what makes me happy in my life….”


Mum of 2, Perth WA

“This program will give you all the answers you’ve been looking for about your anxiety….”

Perth WA

“You have made me see everything in a new light and honestly fell like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders. For the first time in a long time I’m actually feeling really positive and that I can beat this fucking awful thing.”

C. M

Biz Owner, Perth WA

A small investment for a LIFETIME of change…

what are your possibilities?

No more need for validation

Not caring about the small shit anymore Owning who you are (the real you)

No more Self-doubt

Being able to kick overwhelm down as soon as you feel it coming

More relaxed

Can go with the flow

No more second guessing Not caring what others think

I got to a point where I thought I would have to just suck it up and live with my mind shit-storm and Anxiety for the rest of my life.

I had tried everything. And I mean everything. 9+ years of therapy, medication, mindfulness, meditation, yoga, changing my diet, more exercise, reading self-help books, articles, joining groups, downloading anything that gave me a glimmer of hope that I could remove this daily burden, or there was an actual possibility of me feeling “normal” for once. And yes, these strategies helped for a short period of time. But nothing long term

until I realised

that I am the ONLY person who truly knows ‘me’

my memories, my experiences, my feelings, my thoughts, the shit that goes on in my head. No one else can EVER understand or have experienced my journey like I have. It was my responsibility to use my determination, and pure frustration, to find freedom, and uncover the root cause to my anxiety. I had to be the one to take back control. So that I could be the mum, the wife, the friend, the ‘real’ me that I have yearned to be, for so long.The authentic me that has been hiding under all the layers

Are you ready to take back control & find your freedom?

Hi, Lou here

there is absolutely no beating around the bush with me and my approach. I just say it how it is. And the reason I am doing this, is because I know exactly what its like to have Anxiety control your fricken life, and it sucks big hairy balls. And, I now know what its like to NOT have anxiety control your every day! So, if I can just help even one person to achieve this transformation, by sharing the things I did to kick Anxiety to the curb, then I will be one happy lady! And I think the world we live in, will be one happier place too.

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